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Communication Support


Pupils with speech, language and communication needs may find the educational curriculum can pose a wide number of challenges. Education staff and speech and language therapists work together to ensure that these pupils can access the curriculum.

Ysgol Maes Hyfryd adopts a Total Communication approach using a range of alternative methods to support and encourage two way communication and speech and language development.

These are not used in isolation and a pupil may use several of these methods.

Makaton Signing

This is a signing system used alongside speech to develop a pupil’s understanding of language and their ability to express themselves. The use of signing throughout the school day by staff greatly enhances a child’s ability to be an effective communicator.

Objects of Reference

Some pupils will need to use objects of reference to aid their communication and understanding of language. An object of reference will be a real object that represents an activity or a place.

Symbols / Photographs

The use of symbols/photographs provides valuable support and is encouraged even if pupils are not using PECS. It is the responsibility of class staff to provide symbol/photo vocabulary as appropriate.

Some pupils use: Picture Exchange Communication System – PECS (Frost and Bondy) PECS is where pupils learn to exchange symbols/photographs to communicate.

Communication Aids

A range of voice output communication aids are used throughout the school. These include iPads.

Communication Books

These are indexed books of symbols that can be used to aid a pupil’s communication.

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